Do you know that you can earn decent money on full autopilot
And you don't have to work hard 8 hours a day
You need a computer or smartphone with Internet access.

DO NOT NEED to provide documents
You only need to turn on your computer or smartphone

THIS IS NOT Mining cryptocurrency or anything else.
You will just listen to music
And you don't even need to listen too much (although it is desirable). The music will play in silent mode.

Do everything according to the instructions and everything will work out.

Step 1.
We go to the site

Step 2.

Choosing Spotify (the service pays more for these listening)
Выбираем сервис для прослушивания


Step 3.

Pass authorization or a simple registration.

You will be taken to your personal account.


Личный кабинет


Step 4.

Now you can listen to songs in the player.

слушай песни в плеере



If you can't see the player, but you can see this - reload the page (refresh or press F5).

the player may not load immediately.

если у тебя такая страница - обнови


The songs in the player will play without interruption. 

You must listen to (completely) at least 20 songs per day.

And as the songs on the player are played without a break, the task is achievable.

The service does not need to rate after each song, go through a captcha or do other actions.



Don't forget to turn off the sound. However, you can also listen. Some songs are very good)

Turn off the sound on the computer or on a tab.



Look in the personal account of the service, in the section Listening History songs you listened to. 

Open in a new tab (in a new window) so as not to interrupt listening.

История прослушиваний

Please update the page regularly.

Count only full listening.


Charges are made on the basis of listening to stories



Do you want more money?

It's real. You can get more money every day.

You need to perform a simple action - tell your friends about the service and give them your affiliate link.

Your friends register and listen to music.

And you will see in a day how your income and balance are growing.

If your friend listens to music, you have 2 times more money.


For a link and a list of invited friends, see the section Invite a friend

приглашай друзей

Give your friend this text, just replace the link in step 1 with your referral

Many already receive from $ 50 a day, telling friends about this service.


Submit your affiliate link on forums, blogs, social networks.

Listen to the music yourself. Watch your balance increase every day.


The balance is updated once a day.

Withdrawal to Payeer wallet. in the section balance


If your player does not open or it is more convenient for you to listen from your phone - click on the spotify playlist in your personal account

плейлист который открывается новом окне



Do you want to earn even more and you have a second browser?


Do the same (in another browser) with Deezer





Service technical support mail: support @ cashhits . club

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